Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday 07 January 2007: Sarah's sinus canals are exploding and head is bursting and she's sleepy but all's well!

Sarah says:
Marv is vacuuming right now as I write this. The thing is - I just vacuumed the same exact spots! So do you think this means that Marv doesn't value or trust my vacuuming skills or is he just totally anal-retentive? I wonder!
Bad photo of me above. My sinuses are filled to the brim! You know when you are all stuffed up with slime in your head and you talk and all of a sudden your voice changes because the slime is sort of glued behind your nose so your words get squished in between your nose canal and the back of your throat and all you can do is take a big gulp of slime to make the words flow right... I know - disgusting! But we have all experienced this! Admit it! Admit it! And when you hear it happening to someone else you have to pretend you don't as to not embarrass them. It's just one of those things!
I'm sleepy and my usually clear head feels very Scanner-like tonight. I'm trying to get to bed earlier in 2008 when possible! How's that for a promise! I don't get enough sleep. It's time I become a better sleeper and less of a tosser-and-turner! That adds years on to your life if you are lucky, can make you less overweight, so they say, and gives you more energy during the day! So voila!
Sleep well and long everyone... Sleep tight...

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