Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday 13 December 2007: Sarah is getting less and less hair everyday and will lose even more Saturday in London.. .YODEL-HEIDI-WHO!! WHERE ARE YOU?

Sarah says:
So Tuesday was moustache, facial and bikini hair - gone daddy gone! Today was eyebrows and beastly-leg hair! Weg! Weg! Weg!
Saturday in London, where I'll be with Heidi, I'll get my haircut at my favorite Covent Garden place! This is my way of losing kilos without dieting! Getting rid of all my hair! I am a Sasquatch girl shedding her fur!
London will be fun! We leave tomorrow late afternoon and get back Saturday early evening! Time to shop! Well - maybe window-shop. But I will surely hit a bookshop or two and some shoe shops. That's what I'm after! I look forward to the next two days for various reasons! It's always good to get a quick trip away to go to new places, to spend time with new and old people and with Heidi! It'll be great to be in London again together! A treat! And my mop of hair will get tamed! These are good days...

Heidi says: sorry to intervene, but I am after record shops and that is what I will do! Oh, and Monsoon and Urban Outfitters and The Gap and and and... :)

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