Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday 30 December 2007: Sarah welcomes kids galore to Face The Day today as well as some blond bombshells!

Sarah says:
Welcome blond bombshell number 1 above: FDW! Looking good Filip, Looking too hot to trot!
Above you can see the kid trying to act older than she is...
Above you can see the hag trying to act younger than she is! (haha!!! - at least it's not another unwelcome retard joke!!! :-)
Above you can see the kid along with my godkid and a beautiful blue sky at the skatebowl in Kortrijk...
Ahhhh! So many kids! I'm scared mommy!!!!!!!!
Fave Post Secret this week is an obvious one for the New Year. So cliche. So true. So false...

PS - sorry if anyone was offended my the retard jokes yesterday but they were really kind of funny if you think about it... Retard means "late" in French, right? I'm always late! I too am a retard! And Heidi's medicine -- you have to see the humor in that! You just have too! You can't like "Borat", for example, if you can't appreciate the odd retard joke - as opposed to the normal retard joke... whoops! I accidentally just made another retard joke! I'm sorry!!!!!! I promise there will be no retard jokes in 2008! Only mentally challenged ones!

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