Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday 23 December 2007 Heidi is sold and Sarah's kid and some bursts of fire light up her life...

Heidi says: I am sold!

Sarah says:
That's my kid and me above at the light parade in Kortijk! We walked with tons of others through the streets of the city with lanterns in hand. There was light and fire bursts everywhere. It was pretty cool. It was a good, lazy day of doing a whole lot of nothing.... By the way Heidi - whatchotalkinboutwillis? I don't get the "I am sold" thing? I mean I know that's what the sign says. But is that some secret message or something?

It's Post Secret time! I chose two faves this week. The first one just shows how hard this time of the year is and will be for a lot of people! These cozy times of the year can feel totally empty and lonely and dark for people who feel alone. You can feel more alone surrounded by people. You have to pretend you are happy though because these are supposed to be happy times! My heart goes out to a few people I know who are facing rough times right now. It can't be easy at all with all this holiday cheer brewing around...

And the below Post Secret just shows how much you can love someone. I love my daughter more than life itself. That is for sure. Nobody else even comes near to what I feel for that little munchkin. I think she feels the same about me to tell you the truth. That kind of love can almost feel painful if you imagine losing it... I hold on to it for dear life.

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Unknown said...

Hoi meisjes!

Was leuk vrijdag. En Heidi, als je de nieuwe van Beirut zo mooi vindt, moet je ook eens luisteren naar de eerste (Gulag Orkestar) en hun debuut-ep, The Lon Gisland. Die zijn alletwee ook heel erg mooi!!!!!
kus uit rotterdam