Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday 28 November 2007: Heidi and Sarah LOVE Devendra Banhart and want to be in his life and Sarah in his bed!

Sarah says:
Devendra Banhart is pretty much my dream man if we're talking looks alone! Of course he looks nothing like Marv, because you never marry your fantasy! What fun would that be and Marv is just fine for me! He's the best! But Devendra, my my my! He is great to dream about. I HAVE TO see him live once! Not only is he a beautiful beast, his music is so good! Just look at him there in that photo between me and Heidi! I mean c'mon! Even those of you who hate facial hair and long hair on men and who aren't into men at all - well I'm sure even y'all can see how very attractive this man is! He has this vibe coming out of him. I had better be quiet now as I am a married woman! But don't fret! Marv understands! I mean Monica Bellucci is on his list! Tell us who is on your list? You know which list I mean!!! That list couples make about celebrities they'd like to have in bed with them! Leave your lists in our comment section. Stay anonymous if you'd like! I dare you!

I do apologise for being so shallow again today! I can't help it. I think I'm escaping deeper and harder thoughts for the moment by keeping things on the surface...

Heidi says:
Heidi says: Devendra... aaaaah... what can I say. He let me into his life when he put me on his album cover! I am very proud about that! That’s all... J

Sarah adds:
Here's an extra picture for you all today! We love our ever-changing colourful clock! Check out our profiles! Can you guess which one is Heidi????!!!! :-)


Easy to guess said...

Male : PJDS
Female : Roos Vanacker

Anonymous said...

Brad Pitt
George Clooney
Billy Crudup
Larry David
Chris Elliott

Anonymous said...

Jeff Buckley (Am I a necrofile now?)
Gary Oldman

rarara, who am I?

Anonymous said...

Any list that includes Devendra also must include Sam, by undeniable, irrefutable, inescapable, perfectly doppelgangular extension. HTMYF?

Anonymous said...

Devendra does nothing for me. Honestly he has that sort of crazed look a bit like charles manson. Mine one and only of course is Mr. J. Depp. I'm nothing if not loyal and true to that fantasy which began even in the unfortunate 21 Jump Street years.


Jenny said...

Yeah, seriously Sarah, that really looks like Sam. Do you want to reconsider? (No offense, Sam...)

List (not in order):
Colin Firth
Johnny Depp
Kyle Chandler (for now)
Jon Hamm
I'm forgetting #5, will post later.


Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

I just knew a few of you would make the Sam comparison just because of the hair. Devendra actually looks nothing like Sam -- other than the hair when Sam had long hair. It's no mystery that I was always attracted to the type of fellows Sam hung out with. The lunatic-long-haired beasts. So that I'll give you. Maybe it's just a dad I'm after. You know what they say! And check out dad in the 1976 cross-country trip circuit... Who knows, what can I say. I once was in love with a guy who looked like the big caveman between ape and man... I will now add the following to my list:

Male (in no particualr order):
Johnny Depp
Jeff Buckley
Devendra (of course)
Stef Kamil Carlens (Zita Swoon)
Vincent Gallo
Gabriel Byrne
Charles and older Albert Ingalls
Mcnutty from The Wire
Bunk from The Wire
and a bunch of others I have forgotten...

Caroline Ingalls
Starbuck from BSG
and a bunch of others I have forgotten...

Anonymous said...

When we first watched The Wire with you, you said that McNutty was gross. Now he's list-worthy. Clearly, character explains more about your taste than looks. Hence your love for Devendra, who is absolutely disgusting, Sam-like or not. No offense, Sam.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Who the hell is Devendra anyway? I had never heard of him until I got started on this nonsense. Is he the Belgian Sam?

Jenny said...

...#5 is Jon Stewart! I just remembered.

Bunk, though? Seriously???

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Bunk is legendary! As he put it himself, he's a humble mofo with a big arse piemeltje!

As for McNutty - well yeah, he grew on me!

I'm with you Jen about Jon Stewart! Totally

See - it's not just looks - it's music, movement, and FUNNINESS!!! That's the most important. With my darling Devendra, it's surely the music and the voice and the attitude and something about the lifestyle! With Bunk - it's that he's just a bad-ass with no BS factor at all. And he's got a great speaking voice!

By the way - check out Devendra's music -- it's lovely freak-folk. He's influenced by Led Zep for sure and so many other 60s and 70s rockers. I think you'll even like his stuff a lot if you get listening! I am busy listening to your suggestions over and over again and really enjoying them so check out Devendra and let me know what you think - whether you want to sleep with the hairy beast or not! :-) - SRA

Anonymous said...

Uhm. Can I just say definatively that Johnny Depp is MINE. I called him. Sorry girls but you'll have to take him off your lists. HE IS MINE.


Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

ASG! There's enough of him to go around! We can all share him. I'll take him as Scissorhands and Gilbert Grape and you can have him as Jumpstreet and Pirate-eye. Jen, what part of him to you want?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I'm not willing to share.

Jenny said...

Sarah, I was going to say we'd have to fight over the Gilbert Grape JD, but then I realized--you guys can have the fictional ones all to yourselves. I'll take the real person. ;^)

Anonymous said...