Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wednesday 07 November 2007: Heidi and Sarah are smiling and looking you straight in the eye so that you'll find them more attractive...

Sarah says:
The news of the day is not that Belgium still doesn't have a freaking government and that it's up to the King to decide what to do now - nope - the news is that the GREAT Sigur Ros have a new album out called Hvarf/Heim with new and old songs in new versions and you can listen to the whole thing on Luisterpaal right now!!!!! That's what I am doing and as usual it's just great; moving, sad, joyous music. Have yourself a good listen via this link!

By the way, even though Heidi and I came out looking a little like good witches in our photo today, we were really just trying to look y'all right in the eyes and smile so you'd find us more attractive! Apparently, that's what you have to do to attract people in romantic situations and business ones and just in general... See this article to know more. It is a little obvious though!

Everyday from now until next Wednesday we will take a photo in which both of us are looking you right in the eyes and smiling! Let's see if you find us more attractive this way! Of course we'll have to make sure the photos aren't as blurry as this one is today!

Man this Sigur Ros album is making me sad right now. There's an old song on there redone that's making me think of very troubling and painful stuff. Music just does that sometimes. It's like sleep - or lack of sleep - it just gets you alone with your brain and heart and soul and releases all sorts of thoughts. That's the great thing about great music but also the sometimes difficult thing about it. You can't escape your thoughts and nor should you sometimes. I gotta let these ones flow or they will just get stuck...

Heidi says
: Let's smile and do business! That was what came into my mind when I found the article in De Standaard. Is it that simple? :)

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