Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wednesday 3 October 2007: Heidi keeps on going!! Sarah runs off to New York with Marv's best friend!!!

Sarah says:
Hi there! I arrived safely in New York! Flew here with Dirk, Marv's best mate! Little does anyone know that Dirk and I have run away together forever!!! He'll even be my date at my friend Erika's wedding Friday night! Good old Marv - he's okay with all of it! I had a good flight with Dirk. Smooth sailing! Great to be back "home"!

Hey Heidi -- that red looks FAB! Great work! By the way - I am typing on a qwerty keyboqrd here in the stqtas and it is very hard!!!!!!! This iw ajqy it looka like if I type blisnd (blind)<>. oh BOY!

Heidi says: today I painted the color 'ambition' on two big walls (look at the color behind me). What's in a name ;). I also ran around to pick up very needed stuff, and was really busy the whole day. It felt great! Great! GREAT!!!!

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Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Hi Heidi! looks great and very ambitious! keep up the GREQT work! this is what happens when you use qwerty in place of awerty>>>hahaha! I'll try to post photos tomorrow!