Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday 23 October 2007: Heidi and Sarah love their new candy jar and noisy birdy from Heidi's sister! It's a red-nose day!

Sarah says:
Heidi's sister gives good red! She's a fab present-giver! She gave me that noisy little bird Heidi is killing and us that fun fun fun candy jar filled with candy for us and our visitors! We love RED! It keeps us in a good mood!

Even with all the good red candy bird stuff, I still am not immune from getting ill! GOSH DARN IT I am getting a big cold! My throat is sore. My head is pounding! It ain't right! But I will survive. Everyone around me has been sick so I guess it's my turn. My husband was coughing the freaking night away and my kid has been for weeks already. But the sun is shining, the bird is singing and the candy is flowing so who am I to complain...

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