Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday 21 Oktober 2007: Fun in the woods for the Haemers-family and outside in the sun for the Markewich (aka: Jew) -Christiaens combo!

Heidi says: what a lovely weather to walk in the woods this morning. I really love this fresh sunny weather. Yma doubted between fun and boredom this morning in the forest. Maybe she was just tired.
Heidi says: our rock'n'roll-Yma!!!!

Sarah says:
We too hit the outdoors but without child! I love that my kid is away every Sunday for three hours! It's my and Marv's time! Lovely! We took a long walk in this great sunny Fall weather and stopped at a few artist galleries along the way as it was open-gallery day or something like that. And then I played with the guinea pigs and one of them finally let me pet her and scratch her neck. I'm happy about this because I'll become bored of those little bunnies if they don't let me near them.
It was a good and simple weekend. I have been thinking about what my sister-in-law wrote, which is posted in yesterday's entry. This sentence stands out "to pursue connectedness and passionate engagement". That's very important to me. When life is busy you have to choose well or you waste time and walk away empty. I don't want to bullshit around too much with people and spend time doing a whole mess of stuff that doesn't hit me in the gut, heart and soul. What I find I miss most right now is singing so I need to get back to it and commit. I need to re-connect with that. I also need to not spend so much time worrying about the friends I have who I have little contact and connectedness with and focus more on those who really move me and matter and that I matter to.

As for my fave Post Secret this week, it's an easy one about giving my husband the food in the fridge that I'm not sure is still good! I hate to admit it, but I really do that sometimes because he is just so much easier about those things than I am. I am not a wussy with food - I mean if it's a bit over date I don't worry about it - no biggy, it's usually still okay. But my husband would eat something more than a week old without even asking and he's never ever gotten sick from any of it except once with oatmeal because it was left out of the fridge. But other than that, he just doesn't worry about it all and he's survived just fine. I have shaken a lot of my American obsessive-compulsiveness over the years and have become much more relaxed about cleanliness issues and food dates and germs. But I still won't eat food that's a week over the date so thankfully Marv does, sometimes without even knowing it (haha)!


Jen said...

Hey Sawah! I'm glad my post spoke to you--it is definitely SO easy to forget that stuff and let things get rote. I hope your new job is helping in that department--and hope you get singing again soon too.

Anonymous said...

Don't you ever change your clothes these day? :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh and I LOVE the YMA rocker chick. What a cutie!!

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Nope ASG! I have become very Belgian and wear the same stuff for a few days in a row. It's better for the environment too, you know! And by the way, YMA gets the cutie thing and you basically tell me I stink and call me fat! I mean how very RUDE!!!! :-) -SRA

Tina Ann Forkner said...

What a fun blog. And you do Post Secret? That is cool. I never have, but it's interesting to check it out sometimes. I know of a crime novelist who gets ideas from there!