Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Monday 15 October 2007: Heidi and Sarah spend another day and night busy in London shopping around and working their butt muscles walking all around..

Sarah says:
Man if I lived in London I'd be in great shape walking up and down and all around everywhere in the Tube stations. Heidi and I were trekking all over the place. She got to see Topshop for once and a few other shops she's seen in magazines but has never visited. London at night is fun. So many different looking people all over the place. So freaking colorful and lively.

There we are again on our way to more public transportation. We determined that we must be nuts. We are both lovers of public transport and infrastructure. We love how it all works and all the planning that has gone into it and all the tunnels that have been dug and how convenient it is. I would chose a tube over a taxi most any day really! It's another great place to people watch, though I would do without the smells and heat and cold and warm winds and all that!
By the way, Heidi and I shared a hotel room and it worked out great! We were a bit afraid of how that would be with snoring and farting and toilet use and sleeping habits and all that - but it turned out fine! Like in most, maybe all, situations, we got along great and didn't bother each other. Everything was smooth sailing, though I was a tad bit too slow in the mornings for Heidi perhaps and she was a tad bit too fast for me! But it was fun! And luckily we know how to make fun of each other without all that passive-aggressive bullshit! We had a lot of fun Borat moments because everyone in the hotel sounded like Borat when they said "thank you". Heidi and I basically have Tourette's syndrome when we are around each other. We just keep on repeating the same old jokes and saying "thank you", "cheese, cheese, cheese" and "bring it around town". We are retards!

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