Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday 19 October 2007: Sarah and Heidi forgot to take a photo together today even though they were with each other all day! FTD will get normal soon!

Heidi says: I have a new bonnet!! I love it! Besides that I feel a little worn out and I look like shit! haha! Actually, I don't really feel like shit, only when I look at myself on pictures or in the mirror, I see that I am not looking my best. Can't have it all. I had a great week and that counts more right now, than looking awake and beautiful :)
By the way, what would 'little hose on the prairie' mean?(see below in Sra's comments) Why not 'little dress on the prairie'? It is a little girls' show, isn't it? :))

Sarah says:
One of these days, face the day will get up-to-date daily again and things will get back to normal. Or it will change... Either way is fine! In case you are wondering, Heidi and I are fine! All is very well! Life is good! But it's time to see my daughter and watch "High School Musical" with her. Tomorrow it will be "Little Hose on the Prairie" night. That all sounds great to me. It makes my daughter very happy too... More another time! Have a great weekend!!!!

Sarah adds:
Heidi dear, it's not a bonnet my friend. A bonnet is what a baby wears. But if you want to call it a bonnet, that's okay with all of us.

I actually meant to write Little Ho's on The Prairie above not "hose" - it's the porn version where little whores use hoe's to farm the land among other things... My bust! WORD!

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