Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday 30 September 2007: Sarah has a good get-stuff-done weekend as she gets ready for her first day at her new job Monday and celebrates MO's B-Day!

Sarah says:
Good weekend. Got stuff done. Ready for tomorrow. I think it is good luck to start a new job on the 1st of a month and on the birthday of my adorable and lovely god-daughter, MO!!! - who you can see in the below photo from yesterday, celebrating her 6th birthday! She's such a JOY! So are her parents, our good old friends Filip and Vanessa. Happy birthday Mo on the 1st of October! I'll be thinking about you on my first day of work!

Sarah adds:
Look at her up there! She's such a cutie-pie, lovely-head! What a personality!
And below you can see THE HAND!!! That's Claude. He's Mo's godfather and a good friend of Filip and Vanessa's too. That's his big, swollen, stitched up hand! I forget what kind of machine he was using when he broke his hand bone big time! Be careful while working on any machine! His hand looks rough! But he just keeps on smiling like always!

So it's Post Secret time and I have two favorite ones this week. The one below is interesting. I'm not really a believer but I do sort of like to believe that some people can tell the future and all that. I think some people are just so tuned in and have amazing powers of observation and pick up on stuff that everyone else misses and takes for granted. With that said, I think 99.9% of people with such said powers are charlatans and just earning a buck. And with that said, I believe 100% in the power of suggestion and that even if a charlatan is telling you some crap that it has a placebo effect and gets you thinking and gets your life turning in other directions - and that can't be bad.

With all that said, it is a relief to see the below post card that admits that it's mostly just a bunch of bull. And with that said, I think it sucks too because there are so many fields in which good bullshitters can get away with a hell of a lot. Of course there are good healers and see-ers and all that - but how to tell the good from the bad and is it really necessary to? I don't know. It comes back to suggestion. Any good bullshitter can convince even the biggest skeptic to believe in something... What do y'all think?

And last but not least, the below Post Secret was sent in by our very own Heidi! JUST KIDDING!!!! But she does love to spin and has bangs too so you never know.... Well Heidi?


Anonymous said...

Sarah and Heidi,

GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR NEW JOB! May you be happy and productive! I will be thinking of you all day and week. All that pre-nervousness will, I am sure, turn into positive energy once you begin. It is always the in-betweens that are hard. Once you are actually doing the job, that feeling of control of your life returns. Have a great time! I love you both!

Also, thanks for the plug on my book. I can't believe I did a typo in the word McCarthyism, but I reversed the t and h. If you can change it when you have time, fine. If not, oh well. Thanks for including the cover. Every little bit helps.


Anonymous said...

Well I for one was shocked and appalled when I spotted your vulgar typo Judy G, especially given the otherwise steller standard for spelling set by the hosts of this site. I hope you have fired your editor.