Monday, June 18, 2007

Saturday 16 June 2007: Heidi, Nico, Sarah and Marv go to ASG and Terry's wedding and Marv wears a kilt! Fun day!

Sarah says:
Here’s a medley of photos from the day of ASG and TSG’s wedding! It was a great afternoon and evening with a lovely ceremony, good Scottish food (including haggis, which Heidi and I did not like at all – yuck!), Scottish dancing and general silliness. Check out Marv in a kilt!!! He looked great. My husband couldn’t make it to the wedding so Marv took his place. I introduced Marv to my daughter. She liked him much more than she likes her own dad even!

Below you can see my morning in Edinburgh doing very touristy things with my daughter such as visiting the Edinburgh castle and seeing the old city, which is a must-see!

Hopefully Heidi will add some of her photos from that day soon!

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