Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday 13 December 2006: Sarah is ready - sort of...and a bit dizzy sort of.. and a bit out of sorts....but OK!!!!

Sarah says:
Okay. In a few hours I'll check into the hospital and by this time tomorrow I'll have a prosthetic disc already in my spine and I'll probably be on something like morphine I guess. Time will fly between now and then and that's a good thing.
My brother and his wife sent me all sorts of goodies that I'll bring to the hospital with me, such as great, great smelling soap and body butter. They also sent a mini- Battleship Game which if I can't play, at least will keep some visitors busy! And they sent some magazines, which will be a good distraction tonight!
I heard that there is no single-person room available at the hospital and that in fact, I'll be sharing my room with two other people. Oh well! There's nothing I can do about it. The last operation I had meant sharing a room too. I got so sick from the anesthesia that I made the person ask for another room. I hope that happens again! No I don't! I don't want to feel that sick again actually! That's the worst part usually -- waking up after an operation. I always feel shaky and freezing and like I can't breath and that I'm dying. It always seems like forever and then I eventually throw up and I start to feel better. I hope this time that all goes better for me!
I am sure I will be fine and I will be so happy once I am home and on my way to real recovery. That will come soon! All my papers are in order just in case something would go wrong and my wishes are known - down to the music to play at my funeral - which sounds morbid, I know, but c'mon! We all have those sorts of conversations with our loved ones and/or friends sometimes - even when there is no operation driving such thoughts! These are things you think about and imagine.
There's a beautiful Nick Cave song on No More Shall We Part called Come To Me, I think. I just love it. It moves me so. And then there is Zita Swoon's version of Raining Pleasure by The Triffids. And there is the Sarah McLauchlan song from Solace - just music and high voice that played at my wedding. I love the mood of that one too. Those are the only three that come to mind right now-- oh, and maybe traveling Light by Tindersticks too!
So what about all of you? What would your funeral songs be?
Another topic: I would certainly want my body used for organ donation and medical studies - all of it, every last bit if they want! I have no need for it anymore.
What about all of you? What would your wishes be?
And yet another topic: I would never want to be kept alive on machines if my mental capabilities were gone for good. Pull the plug!

So that's my story - not at all meant to be morbid - just things you think about. Other things on my mind are GETTING BETTER FAST!

I don't know when I'll be back here on Face The Day. I hope Heidi gets on here sometimes. I come home on the 18th from the hospital so maybe then if I can't update this I can get my mom to for me! We'll see. Anyway, keep checking back because I will be back sooner than later for sure in good form no doubt!

So many people have been so supportive and caring. I thank all of those people for that. It's really meaningful! I feel very loved.

And now I am off to take my last normal "big toilet" for a few days no doubt! You probably do not want to know that but I don't care! That's what is on my mind. The good news is that generally, once your body functions return to normal after an operation, it means you are closer to be on a good track to healing well. So not only do I really look forward to what I am about to do, I am totally excited about the first "big toilet" I'll make in the hospital - probably on Saturday or so - because it will mean I'll start feeling much, much better after that!!!!

See you when I am back with a new and improved back folks!!!

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