Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wednesday 08 November 2006: Sarah says “high five” and goodbye! And Heidi makes a small comeback.

Heidi says: bye Sarah!! See you soon!
Now, some of you might wonder why you hardly see me here anymore. Well, I have a baby daughter and she wears me out. She keeps me up until late at night (or better, early morning), she drinks my milk, cries out loud when she needs something and when she got it, she cries even more. But she is a doll besides all that! She is lovely!

Sarah says:
I’m off now! Thought I’d get a quicky in before I left! See you Saturday! I wish you sexy times as Borat would say and I high five you as he would do. No problems.


Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie!!!!! I want her. Can I have her? Please?!?! ASG

Anonymous said...

Actually can I have yours Sarah? I just realized that she would be very handy in Holland. She could translate everything for us!!! Please!?!? We'll take great care of her. I really like her. Please? Can I have her? Please? ASG