Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday 12 November 2006: Don't worry, it's only onions and Sarah wants you to know how much she loves her husband... and Heidi has no room to put c...

Heidi says: ...omments in the title.
So I will put mine here.
My daughter is baptised today. Yep, she is! I love the tradition and I believe in fighting against evil and living as a christian, even though I am not a big believer. Let's say I am a doubter and I am not sure about anything. The godfather (Nico's dad Johnny) and godmother (my mother Marie-Thérèse) are however true Christian believers and they meant everything they promised and will surely do a great job. We are already proud of them!
The Godfather Johnny and the Godmother Marie-Thérèse

The baptism

Sarah says:
Onions made me cry not life so no worries. I can't wait to eat my dinner. It's going to be so good! Almost ready. Doing this as the brown rice boils! Odd weekend but oday I did meet with a potential new band in Gent so I feel happy and excited about that! I'll tell you more as I know. We'll get together and play in a few weeks and see how it goes. I look forward to new stuff!

Here's my fave Post Secret entry this week. It expresses how you can feel about someone when there really are no secrets. It's with very few people that you can share everything. I'd say I share at least 99% of things with my husband. There is such wonderful freedom in that. I love him so much.


Anonymous said...

Hoe hartverwarmend! :-)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! She's lovely... and tradtions are great and significant. Good work! Love, ASG

Anonymous said...

Is marriage next?

Anonymous said...

Sorry "anony" but I'm already married and Yma's a little young to be betrothed, non?

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Marriage can suck my...
Who is our cynical Anonymous? :))