Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday 10 November 2006: A bit less tired... :) and Sarah has a big fat cold sore lip!!!

Heidi says: Yma let me sleep a bit longer this morning and the picture shows the result. I am much brighter and happier and rested. If she could only pursue this great behaviour... Fingers crossed!!! Another dream of mine is that she goes to bed earlier, let's say at ten in the evening instead of one in the morning... (yep, one in the morning, every freaking night!) But still, she is adorable and I am very happy with my baby girl. I do long for luxury treatments nowadays, more than I ever did. I want facials, massages, haircuts, nice (dermalogica) products, sauna and treatments in spas,... Maybe my birthday will bring some of that. A girl is entitled to some luxury on her birthday, isn't she? :))

Sarah says:
I woke up with a big fat lip! I guess I am tired and stressed because I so rarely get cold sores on my lips! I think it's another sign of being worn out! My body is holding me up all right but I am in constant pain. I feel so freaking tired!!!! Anyway, London was pretty hard this time. Getting around was hard and tiring. My hotel wasn't very good and that room noise kept me up. I got a tiny bit of shopping in so that was nice. London is expensive!!! Anyway, it's good to be back but honestly -- time is going fast and it's starting to freak me out a little bit. I have so very much to do before the 14th of December. I'll never be able to get everything done. It's making me stressed-out!

Hey Heidi -- congrats on keeping the site going! Good work! I wish we could get a facial and stuff together! I need one really badly! Some rest and relaxation is in order!

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