Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday 10 October 2006: Sarah finds Heidi and Yma at her door! What a nice surprise! Yma’s got feet!

Sarah says:
Yma was wearing one of the first dresses today that my daughter ever wore! It warmed my heart. I left Heidi at my home at lunch as Yma wasn’t finished eating. It’s always good to see Heidi and Yma even if for a flash of time! I miss Heidi! It’s good to have a picture on here today with her. She’s less tired than yesterday but still tired. Yma is as adorable as ever and makes beasty sounds. Heidi looks great! I taled Heidi’s ear off today to manic proportions. I’m sure that’s just what a tired new mother wants!!! Sorry Heidi! I guess because I don’t see you as regularly I just have to dump it all out any moment I get. Thanks for your ear mate!
Heidi says: You're welcome, mate! Sad news about the very nice Ayla-dress: the moment Sarah left for work, Yma shit in her shirt and dress and I had to change her clothes. Now she is wearing another dress Sarah gave me and a little old-fashioned sweater Alexander bought for us. Thank you good friends! I am not so tired today. And a lot happier! Yma let us sleep this night, and she had her hearing-test today, which was perfect! Long live my girl!

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Upstater said...

Yma is soooo cute. The next few months are going to be hectic with those feedings so get some rest Heidi - let Sarah take care of Yma LOL