Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday 26 October 2006: Sarah looks freaking weird today and very very worn out! Tonight she’ll get a shot of Heidi for y’all…

Sarah says:
My head doesn’t look normal. It looks out of proportion here and I have a pizza-chin yet again! I look worn out and a mess.
I’ll see Heidi tonight at the new De Kreun! Hopefully we’ll get some photos then. Maybe not. Heidi is with kid now you know. She has no time for photos anymore.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah, your face is so thin. Yow! Are you so tired due to your back or due to not eating enough, or what?

Heidi, you look great and Yma is absolutely gorgeous.

I just caught up on the last four days of your lives -- at least those revealed on the blog.

I am tired of getting up in the pitch dark at 4:30 AM and driving to Broward County (Fort Lauderdale) to perform. However, the kids in the schools have been incredible, and, Sarah, I will tell you about today's performance -- the questions the students asked afterwards -- amazing story and I feel I made a huge difference in the lives of six kids today, opening their minds and hearts to potential activism. Will give the details on the phone soon. Amazing -- really amazing.