Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday 20 October 2006: It's a YMA and Heidi day! Look how freaking cute YMA is and how she's growing and how Heidi is shrinking!!!!

Sarah says:
Have a great weekend! YMA is so cute!!! And Heidi isgetting back to he old body self!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my God, Yma is exquisite!!!!! She is a total combination of you, Heidi and of Nikko. And she's got the best of both of you without a doubt. You are looking great! I absolutely can't wait to see Yma in person, to hold her, hug her, and kiss those gorgeous cheeks. Wow! I am overwhelmed. You Flemish sure produce beauties (and you, Sarah, with your Russian/Polish heritage combined with Flemish have produced an absolute beauty in Ayla. Whoops! This sounds kind of ethnic-oriented, but I don't mean it as, persay, in comparison to any other culture. It's just that all the babies you all have had are absolutely beautiful. Oh, I love babies and seven-year and up-olds. Ah well, I am rambling. I am getting so excited about my trip, and I feel greatly encouraged by what my nurse friend, Nessa, told me about the gel operation you will have, Sarah.
Love, Love, and more. Hugs and kisses to Yma. Wow! Wow! Wow!

rebecca said...

Oh, she is a most adorable and yummy baby! The big eyes and little pixie face! And Sarah and Heidi look gorgeous, as always. Congrats on that little love. (But for a MINUTE I was thinking "YMA" like "YMCA," b/c of the all caps...)

xo Rebecca