Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday 28 September 2006: Sarah chops her face into two pieces as Heidi spends her last full day in the hospital…

Sarah says:
A strange thing is happening. I am getting some energy back – some good old energy…some much needed energy. I am in pain all of the time and that drains me terribly and makes it hard to sleep and to function but I think I have learned how to get through my days with fewer painful movements which means slightly less pain, which means feeling generally better and having more energy!
This is a great thing! I have been feeling depressed for a couple of months and a bit numb to be honest. I am happy to feel better again. A little better anyway. Revived.
I think I got some good stuff out of being in Berlin and working hard and going to see gigs. I also am getting some energy because finally Greyn will perform again – even if only for 20 minutes, Sunday the 1st of October at this 01/10 Vlas Vegas event in Kortrijk. I need a stage. I need to be in contact with lots of people. I need to be running around doing stuff all the time if I can and my stupid back pain has stopped that for the last months. It still hurt terribly but mentally for once in a long time I feel okay again. I hope it lasts. I have the surgery for the fake disc on the 14th of December. I hope until then I can enjoy my days. I hate being depressed and homebound and inactive. I need to be part of the world. I think Yma’s entry into the world has also given me some energy. It’s great to see Heidi so happy and I can’t wait to get to know her little girl!

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