Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday 23 September 2006: Heidi will loose it soon (what's new?) And indeed....

Sarah says:
We took a photo at around 3pm or so I think but Heidi was starting to have contractions so she obviously didn't have any time to upload it! Check out Sunday's posting to see this new little person who came into the world and into Heidi and Nico's lives and everyone who knows them!!!!! (Message to Heidi -- don't forget to upload the photo of you on the monitor from today and the one of us from today when you get around to it in like 5 months!!!)

Heidi says: Last week, the gyneacologist told me that if I didn't have the baby by the 22th of September, from the following day on, I should go to the hospital every day for monitoring. My first appointment is made for this morning at 11. I really hoped my baby would jump on the world this night, but she made no effort at all. I guess she will have that from her mother (stubbornness...). So this morning, we will go to the hospital and hear her heartbeat for an hour. I can think of worse things to pass my Saturday morning. But please, everybody who reads this, cross your fingers that my daughter gets sick of being in my womb soon... I want her out! Because I want her!


Jen said...

We're crossing our fingers for you here in sunny Southern California. Tell her we said she can come here to visit, if she'll just hurry up and be born. That should be an incentive! ;^)

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful.
Hope you are feeling well. x