Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday 27 august 2006: Wedding of the century, part two

Heidi says: and here is my brother in law Bart! Isn't he looking happy and bright? Applause! They did it! Hooray!!!!

Sarah says: Congrats Bart and Nathalie! I hope the cookies didn't give everyone diarreah as I put 3 laxatives each in them. I also hope they didn't get everyone stoned-- or rather that they did, as I put 8 large pieces of hash in each! And you thought that was chocolate!!!

Heidi says: We HAD to take this picture! One of Bart and Nathalie's nice and famous guests - Ayco Duyster from Studio Brussels.

Sarah says:
Ayco was a sport and let us take her photo. We thank her for that. She's swell!

Heidi says: A Sunday night game with bad ending for Heidi...


Jason said...

Famous? Who is she?

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

She is a radio presenter with a fucking good sense of good music. Her name is Ayco Duyster. Great name, right?