Monday, July 03, 2006

Monday 3 July 2006: Sarah Faces today alone again but is happy to have gotten Heidi twice in the weekend...

Sarah says:
Too tired and way too busy to put anything here right now. Good busy though! Very good busy! Have a great week!

Here's my absolute favorite Post Secret entry this week and maybe ever -- so simple but yet so true about how a good dump is sometimes the best you can offer and get out of your day! I know I feel that way a lot. Don't you? There are a lot of Post Secret goodies this week. Check them out. I'm sure you'll relate to some.

Heidi says: Yes yes, it's me!!! Unbelievable but true! I'm doing ok, fighting with my new laptop, tryng to figure out how it works. I'm enoying the sun as much as possible, reading books and magazines, and watching DVD's in the evening. I have a bit of a holiday feeling, which makes me forget sometimes why I am at home all the time. That is good. Sometimes I get the patient feeling, especially on rainy days. No matter how optimistic you can be in a situation like this, sometimes you do realise that you have to lie down for three months, THREE months! Me, an active, organising, enthusiastic woman, has to lie down for three months. 'Strict rest', the doctor said. I believe him, and so I follow his advise. I wonder when my body will protest. Day by day!

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Jason said...

If the doctor says rest, then REST, darlin. Hope you are all right.