Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Monday 12 June 2006: Heid forgets to take a photo the ding-bat and Sarah sweats it out in a bloody hot London hotel room...

Heidi says:

Sarah says:
Heidi's brain is really shrinking as her belly grows and grows so it is true what they say about pregnant women! London was hot as a mofo! Stinky even. Tubes were sort of nasty and wet all over. On one of them there was a nasty hanging gum thingy swishing about and making me want to vomit. Had a good day of work and some evening play. Ate good stuff. Wandered around. I love London. I want to live there for a year. People are very good to look at. Lots of beauties about! Great book shops and record shops and clothes shops and friendly people with great accents. It was damn damn hot though. I was melting. Above shot was just before I went to bed. I didn't sleep well as it was way too hot.

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Anonymous said...

YOU LOOK SO YOUNG AND SKINNY - yes I'm calling you skinny - IN THAT SHOT! Great brows mofo. You don't even want to know what I had to pay for a mediocre brow job + a very too slight bikini wax here. Rip off artists - hehehe literally - but makes me miss Belgie, although it was FAB to be able to bullshit small talk freely. AS