Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wednesday 10 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah go lip to lip with a beautiful and mysterious man - can you guess which one?

OKAY PEOPLE!!!! READ THIS AND PLAY ALONG PLEASE FOR ONCE!!!! -- we know you are out there -- we see we get a lot of hits each day here so we know you check in on us, which is great! That makes Heidi and Sarah terribly happy as we love attention so very much! So be a sport now and play this game with us. Guess whose lovely lips those are between Heidi and Sarah! Leave a comment by clicking on "comments". Write your comment in the box and then choose if you sign in with a blogger ID, other or anonymous. Then fill in the letter code which helps us avoid getting spam. C'mon! Play along! We know you are there! We don't have to know who you are! Just show us you are there and tell us whose lips those are!

Heidi says:
I didn't sleep well this night and I owe it to the movie Sarah and me watched yesterday: The constant gardener. It made me think of something I've heard in the news two days before. About Pfizer that tested medication in Africa on human beings, and five children died because the medication wasn't safe for humans yet. That was what the movie was all about. I think everyone should watch it, just to see what evil things are happening in this world. Sometimes a movie can make you think more than the news, cause the news has become so normal in our lives. Every day you can watch real images of people being shot, or beaten or burned to death, and you hardly feel anything anymore. The fact that we are used to those images makes us almost accept what is happening in the world. Seeing a movie, with a love story involved, makes you feel along with the characters, and makes you understand things more.

Sarah says:
Those are some nice lips - wish I could get that close to them in real life! Good movie last night. Hard movie. We live in a very fucked up world and there is so much shit we all know nothing about.
Anyway, to be shallow again, here's an article from the BBC about how the face gives away a lot, especially to women looking for lovers and for fathers for their future kids. Nothing new, but interesting. Check the article out by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Vincent Gallo?

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

nope, sorry!
Have another guess!

Anonymous said...

ralph fiennes.

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

good job! tell us how you knew that! doesn't he have great lips? Thanks for playing with us and stopping by!