Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tuesday 30 May 2006: Sarah's a little too early today as she had to catch her oldest brother JM before he left. Oh heidi, where art thou?

Heidi says: frogface... (which means: something is irritating me)

Sarah says: That's my last and oldest brother JM. Do we look alike? I did it! I got all 5 brothers on here! Woo Hoo! It's been fantastic here in California with them all and with my dad, his wife, my mom and some of my brothers partners. I don't want to come home yet!!! I do miss my daughter and husband badly and Heidi too of course! But I want this time to last longer!!! Below is a photo of me and my pal CK who moved back to Cali from belgium and who visited me in Cali the first day I was here. There's also a photo of me waving to you all from a pretty plant. Tomorrow it'll just be me me me!!! And the next day maybe Heidi and I will reunite!!! See y'all later!!!

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