Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday 05 May 2006: Heidi is free as a bird now and Sarah strikes a pose and shows off her kid's 7th lost tooth...

Sarah says:
I feel good today! Slept bad but feel good! You can see it in my pose. All is well.
Heidi is free today the lucky girl but tonight I'll get a big-fat belly shot of her as she DJs at De Kreun.

Here's where you should be tonight at Rencontrez l'amour's CD-release party:

Cd releaseparty
De kreun
Vrijdag 5 mei
20:30 - support
21:40 - Rencontrez l´Amour
22:50 – Haydee
5 euro inkom

Below is a photo from last night just after my 7 year old kid lost her 7th tooth on her 7th birthday! What a crazy mouth that is! She's very white-trash right now. It's scary, isn't it!

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