Monday, May 08, 2006

Friday 05 May 2006 continued at De Kreun at the Rencontrez l'amour gig with their cute drummer + the one and only Tom Vangheluwe and Heidi Belly Shot!

Check out Haydee Madcat above with her growing BELLYSHOT!
Above you see Heidi and Sarah with the looker of a drummer Bert of Rencontrez l'amour They played a grand show at De Kreun on Friday. Make sure to check out Rencontrez l'amour's new CD produced by Filip Tanghe, Greyn's drummer. You can see on their sites how and where to buy their new CD. That whole band is a bunch of lovely-nice-to-look-at guys. Usually when you watch a concert you tend to focus on the singer. In this case, there is no singer so it's a good thing these guys are all good to look at. Yes, this Face The Day site is shallow as ever but we love a good face so...
HEIDI AND SARAH FINALLY FOUND WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR - MR. TOM VANGHELUWE!!! We searched and searched and there he was, right there in front of us and was kind enough to FINALLY let us take a photo with him. Thank you Tom Vangheluwe for gracing our Face The Day pages. We will no longer search for you now. If you too are in search of Tom Vangheluwe, check out his band Galatasaray. It's a goody!

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