Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tuesday 11 April 2006: Heidi looks tired but doesn't want to sleep and Sarah will show up later this week

Heidi says: I just heard that The Gossip will be playing at the Dour festival on the 13th of July 2006. That is great news but there might be one obstacle: I'm pregant, and will be more so by that date. I hope so much that I am able to go! The Gossip is fabulous!

Sarah says:
No matter how hard I try not to be, I am seriously disturbed. The English might say bothered. Did eat mushy peas, fish and chips tonight for "tea". Luverly... Now back to my lonely hotel room where there is no one to disturb me except my disturbed self. The Death of a Saleswoman!


Jason said...

How is the pregnancy coming? Sorry I haven't visited lately, Hiedi.

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Hi!! Nice to hear from you!
The pregnancy is going alright. I feel energetic again. Very happy for that! I'm biking, swimming and doing muscle exercises.
How are you doing?