Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday 30 March 2006: Superhero Jade blast fights the weather and Sasquatch girl hides herself after a bad experiment

Heidi says: Another sad typical belgian weather day. I'm still not feeling well. My head is not fresh and my belly hurts, and yesterday I hit my little toe against the metal chair leg of our trendy orange couch. I was so angry at myself that I cried for at least 20 minutes. That is why today you will not see a picture of me. I didn't bring my camera. Sorry. (no worries -- Sarah saved the day!)

I hope Sarah will be back soon! I'm sure you do too!

Sarah says:
I'm back but just very quickly and you probably don't want to see me looking like this but that's how I look and feel today. Again no sleep. I'm sure this will all pass in a day or two and it'll all be back to normal again... Here Heidi and I look a bit in a rush and not that great - ready to head out into the rain!

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