Monday, March 20, 2006

Sunday 19 March 2006: Heidi and Sarah look GREAT today! Don't you think?

Heidi says:
I had a great Sunday! There was nothing spectacular about it, but it was cosy and sunny! And I used my bike again after a loooooong time. My energy is coming back! Almost time for swimming and biking again! I missed that badly!

Sarah says:
Man what a "good-busy" weekend of getting my attic bedroom in order! I love it as I said yesterda! It's wonderful! By the time Heidi showed up at my house for a photo, I was rushing to get ready to go out to dinner with the Flair bon. I think I look really good in this photo (if I do say so myself). Nothing like a rosey cheek to perk up a tired face! Have you noticed that my face is looking less fat again? I'm happy about that! It won't last of course but I'll enjoy it whilst I can! It was a great weekend for me too! I love room changes! My house is fresh and new to me. So much potential! Lovin' it!


Jason said...

Lovely smiles. I love those;.

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

He's back sarah! He's back!!!!
Hi Frosty!!!