Monday, March 27, 2006

Saturday 25 March 2006: Heidi and Sarah celebrate spring with Sarah's dad and a whole bunch of others...

Heidi says:
What a cosy day! I spent it with Sarah and her family and some friends. Actually, I felt like I was part of the family! (Friend A told me that I overuse explanation marks!!!!! I will not stop doing that as I do that to show my enthusiasm. But thank you A for noticing that!!)

Sarah says:
What a lovely and heart-warming day celebrating my daughter’s rite of passage through spring. We are so lucky to have so many good friends and family. I had a great day! My friend AS and I started Friday night by making great carrot-tofu soup. Saturday we saw my kid perform in a play about playgrounds. She was the mayor in a big black hat. Her first show. Her first lines. I got tears in my eyes when she marched on through the theatre with her classmates. Then we returned to my house and ate and drank all day with family and friends. I think it’s safe to say that a good time was had by all. My dad was here too visiting. There was a funny moment when all the Belgians were gathered, rather, stuffed into our TV room and my dad was on the other side of the room alone reading his book about Abe Lincoln. Amazingly, he allowed Heidi and I to take a photo with him for our site. Not surprisingly, he didn’t even put his book down during the photo and just kept on reading!

Look at the photo below on the same day. I’d say I look like a mother there –older and proud – certainly in my mid-thirties. Heidi also has a different and older look here. It’s strange. Maybe it was just the light. Anyway – it was a really lovely day.


Anonymous said...

Heidi!! I wouldn't want you any other way!!!! xxAxx

Anonymous said...

Sarah your father didn't even look when everybody started yelling "TOMMEKE TOMMEKE TOMMEKE" as Boonen jumped out of the gutter in pursuit of Ballan who passed Wobby McEwen who was trying to get up the Alsemberg. I even think he didn't notice that people shouting "Kik ze passeren friture Rita" en "Diene villa da je juste nie'n zie, doa bennek nog gewist!" en "Reks est noa Anzegem!". He never even moved a muscle when we started throwing are drinks at each other and jumped upon your couch as Tommeke, showing three fingers and his fabulous smile, crossed the finishing line. As a matter of fact I don't think your T saw any of that, as he slept through half of that great afternoon.
Come with us to the Veemarkt next Sunday and see more of that craziness as De Unie Der Zorgelozen entertain De Ronde Van Vlaanderen!!!!!!! (last 5 "!" are for A)

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

YEEHAW!!!!! Good one N!!!

Anonymous said...

Gee thanks N. Who are the other two for? (if you don't mind me askin...) AS