Monday, March 27, 2006

Monday 27 March 2006: Heidi and Sarah look up to you all with great admiration and respect and would never cheat on any of you ever…

Heidi says:
Europe has changed her clock to summer hour which means: cranky tired people with aches and pains who are wanking all day long about their tiredness and pains and aches... There is something very positive about summer hour though: it is light until 8:30 pm! And that is wonderful! wonderful! wonderful! ISN'T IT, JB?

Sarah says:
I am very tired today and am getting a bad cough! When I cough it hurts the bad part of my back bad. Wears me out I tell ya! But tomorrow I am free as a bird and can rest and revel in my free day and tonight Lost is on so I can escape into that! My dad left today. It always makes me feel a little blue when someone leaves. But a good time was had by al so I can’t complain! Check out my fave site Postsecret. Below is a goody from today! I don’t condone cheating or anything, not at all – but I hate bad relationships too and people who don’t treat each other with proper respect. So I’d say to the person who sent in that postcard: You go girl!


Anonymous said...

What happened to my comment of yesterday? I said I Googled Jan De Smet and right under his site was Sarah and Heidi Face The Day -- second ones on a Google page! I saw the photo and all, and Googled again, and there you were! Wow! I am impressed. As for today, sounds like that gal with the necklace had a husband who wasn't very nice to her. If that's truly the case, I hope she wakes up and leaves him. So, Belgium goes onto Daylight Savings Time already??? That means you are seven hours ahead of us here in Miami for at least six weeks. Days are getting longer here, though. Well, got to go. I hope you get this comment.

Sarah's Mom and Heidi/Nikko Jr.-to-be's aunt.

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

We got the comment!
thank you aunt Judy!! :)