Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wednesday 15 February 2006: Heidi and Sarah can' get it together today...

Heidi says:
Everyday Sarah asks me for comments to our picture. Is there a moment when you can just be out of comments and have a comments-writers block? I think it's possible, and in fact, I think I have one right now... no comment!

Sarah says:
Mostly I am full of comments but not lately – which makes you, our faithful readers – happy probably. I can be wordy. I enjoy wordiness in people. But not this week or these days. I can’t take a lot or give a lot. I’ve kind of had it on all levels. Here’s all I can offer you today: we took a bunch of photos—usually I take 3 and Heidi takes 3 – that’s our technique sort of – and we often through a bonus shot in too – which leaves us around 7 to choose from every day. Today’s first batch were really bad. Generally we never get rid of a whole batch. We agreed early on that we have to throw the ugly photos of ourselves on this site too. We have to show ourselves tired, bloated, pale, rough as well as shiny and glowing and happy and fresh. So you do get a real view and we don’t often misrepresent ourselves. We both view all the photos and then we have to agree on one. We don’t always agree. Heidi and Sarah certainly don’t always agree! So we often must kill our darlings and one will look ugly for the other one to be able to have the great shot for once. We are very democratic about it and diplomatic and don’t forget dynamic ;-). Today we threw out the first bunch and then took a new bunch later. In the second bunch there was hardly a photo with both of our heads (mirror shots are very hard to take) – so today we had to settle on two photos, one of each of our heads. This has been that kind of day. Today we are indeed cheating you and ourselves. You have to admit though that we have kept to this site very well so far! I’m quite amazed that we have been able to! How long will we keep it up you may wonder? I’m thinking we’ll either stop before the summer holidays or maybe at the end of September. It’s hard to tell! Maybe we’ll go on forever but just differently. We don’t know yet. Maybe you can let us know what you think we should do. WE miss comments!

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