Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thursday 02 February 2006: Sarah is counting the days till Friday and hoping Heidi will be back with her and feeling well again by Monday!

LOOK! HEIDI IS HERE! She chcked in later! Hi Heidi! Come back!!!!

Sarah says:
One more day to go! Yippee! I need the weekend. Too stressed out this week. Too busy. Too tired. I want to veg out for a while. I can't wait for the spring to show its sunny face!

Last night I had a good rehearsal with Greyn. We almost have three new songs ready to record in two weeks! I can't wait for those to be ready so that we can let people hear what we have been up to! Check out Greyn's website;

There's a new little recipe movie and you can see details of our upcoming gig in Tournai on the 25th of February at 19u!

Have a goody! Heidi will show her face here later in retrospect.

By the way, anyone have any good pimple cream I can borrow? I need it bad man!

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