Monday, February 06, 2006

Sunday 05 February 2006: Sarah welcomes special guest CK back! Heidi has gone missing! Where's Heidi? Come back Heidi!

Sarah says:
That's my pal CK with me - she's back from CA for a bit and staying with me - it's great to have her back! It was just before bedtime and that shows in my face for sure! I found out I can get contact lenses covered under my insurance -- so now I can really get them if I want to. The question is, do I really want to? My eye balls are odd. One goes up and one is off-center. Will lenses correct that as glasses do or will I have a lopsided eye-thing going on all the time? What do you think? Fellow-lense-wearers out there who are willing to give me advice?

Oh Heidi, Heidi, where are you Heidi? Come out and play Heidi!

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