Monday, February 13, 2006

Saturday 11 February 2006: Heidi and Sarah turn a lighter shade of pale or rather a darker shade of red and black...Old hags they are...

Heidi says:
Friday 10/02/2006: before...
Saturday 11/02/2006: and after :)

Sarah says:
Man I can see what I'm going to look like as I get older. Heidi and I were looking like grannies Friday night into early early Saturday morning when she came over to watch the movie Adaptation and to put Henna in her hair with me. She went a red color and I tried to go dark. Neither result really came out glowingly but our hair looks all right I guess. My greys are a little less there. And look -- Heidi got her rat-tail cut off Friday! She's got a very normal haircut now. Very "braaf" :-). I am in need of a cut too pretty soon. Adaptation was pretty good by the way! Hanging with Heidi was fun!

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