Monday, February 20, 2006

NEWSFLASH: UPCOMING GREYN GIG INFO - Saturday the 25th of February in Tournai at 19u

Hi Greyn watchers, listeners and wonderers:

This might be Greyn’s last gig for quite a while until our full-length CD comes out towards the end of the year, which is bound to lead to many more future gigs and to our unavoidable fame and then to our downward depressing descent into one-hit-wonders or cheesy has-beens!

Come see Greyn Saturday the 25th of February at maison de la culture in Tournai at 19u while we are still small, cheap and not-yet-spoiled by fame!

We’d love to have your support! Come a little earlier and check out another Kortrijk band : Rencontrez l’amour ! Come back Sunday and see Greyn’s singer Sarah’s favorite band Zita Swoon perform! Sarah is happy as can be just to see Greyn share the same poster with Zita Swoon! (indeed pathetic but true)

See below details for more info and click on over to the main site for details about all the bands that will play at the festival from Friday till Sunday.

For even more info and a new recipe movie (smash-in-your-face-carrot-cake) see :

Pretty soon you’ll be invited to hear a few of the songs Greyn has been recording. Stay tuned for those !

See you Saturday we hope and remember to start saving money to buy Greyn’s CD at the end of the year – feel free to put aside Euro 0.05 per day from now until then and that should about cover it.

Thanking you for your eyes and ears,

Greyn’s singer Sarah

Samedi all accès: 9€ (moins de 26 ans) et 11€ (prix plein)
TIMING D’Hiver Rock - Samedi 25
Portes : 16h00
Salle B
Lauréat Open Stage
Prise 2 son and the choco pop’s
Rencontrez l’amour
Two Star Hotel
PPZ 30
Experimental TBB
Major Deluxe
Punish Yourself

Salle C
18h40 – 19h20 : Jigsaw
20h00 – 20h40 : Wahead
21h20 – 22h05 : Morning Red
22h45 – 23h35 : Vandal X
0h00 – 0h40 : Colonel Bastard

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