Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tuesday 03 January 2006: Heidi and Sarah, yeah, what can they say, it's another one of those ugly days, tja, yep, jups...

03 January 2006: Heidi and Sarah look tired and worn-out yet again! It's winter and winter does that to them. They can live with it. Can you? Can you love such rough faces? Can you see their inner-beauty still?

Heidi says:
This is the best picture we could make today. And it still doesn't really look flattering. That's what these eat and drink parties do to you! You get bad skin and hair, and you keep on looking drunk days after you have been drinking... But I don't regret anything! We had a very nice time and it made us ready for another year of nice adventures! Stay tuned!

Sarah says:
Well, I was Bob so I didn't have a drop to drink so I can't use Heidi's excuse I'm afraid. I can blame it on the heat. The heat shrinks my eyes, dries my skin and makes my boogers bloody.

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