Monday, January 02, 2006

Saturday 31 December 2005: Heidi and Sarah say goodbye to 2005 with friends, guacomole, great soup a close call with a fire and almost burnt burritos!

31 December 2005: Heidi and Sarah spent almost 4 hours Friday afternoon shopping for all the food for New Year's! They drove through snow and ice to get a bunch of fresh and tasty things for Sarah's mom to use to make a Mexican feast the following day. And a fun feast it was indeed -- even though Sarah's kitchen almost caught on fire and one batch of burritos got burned!

Heidi says:
not awake yet!

Sarah says:New Year’s Eve was cosy and fun! My mom and I started cooking around noon with my kid in the kitchen doing her own thing. Three generations of women in the kitchen is always a fun thing! Heidi showed up a little later and cut coriander with us – loads and loads of coriander – my favourite herb without a doubt!
My sister-in-law Jen ( gave me a fabulous soup recipe which you can see above followed by a photo of the soup itself. Man, man, man was that soup flavorful and delicious! At first I though it was way too full of garlic. I almost thought I would have to throw it out and start again. When I added the fresh lime, however, and the tortilla chips and coriander and cheese, it became amazing tasting with all it’s different and sharp flavours. It’s really easy to make other than peeling all the tomatoes and cutting all onions. It tasted very healthy as well. Try it out! Thanks Jen!!!!!!
We went to De Kreun ( after we ate, where the Kortrijk band Hawai ( had organized a party. There was good music being played, lots of dancing and a cosy, not-too-crowded sphere. A good time was had by all it seemed. I was in bed by around 6:00 and awake at around 10 for us, though the damn church bells woke all of us up every hour on the hour and at 10 rang for about an hour!

This was a very lovely New Year’s! Cosy and a bit calm and fun and funny. The only thing that got me down a little is for some reason I started to think about and miss my American friends a lot. I couldn’t get ED, MS and RA out of my mind! I wanted to see them badly and have a fun night with all of them alone and all of them together! I think seeing Heidi with all her close friends, some whom she has deep roots with and has known long, reminded me of what I miss living in Belgium sometimes! There is nothing like a very good and old friend. New friends are of course wonderful too. But the familiarity and comfort and unspoken understanding and unconditional love you get from an old friend is super. As much as I have integrated and created a fabulous life for myself here in Belgium, there are a few things that will always tug on my heart-strings back in America, which make me long for those comforts sometimes. So that’s what I was thinking about New Year’s Eve in between all the fun and good food and good times and lovely company. I just hope that at some moment in my life I still have time to spend real and long time with my close friends back in The States. I really can miss them more than anything and anyone if I let myself think about it. They are so very dear to me.

Nonetheless, it was a lovely New Year here in Belgium! I urge you all to try out the soup recipe above. It’s fab!


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