Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thursday 22 December 2005: It's raining again! Heid and Sarah welcome special guest Sarah's mom...

Below Heidi and Sarah welcome a special guest -- Sarah's mom from Miami. Do Sarah and her mother look alike at all? What genes have been passed on? Is Sarah's mom's hair really red? What is her real color hair? Does Heidi look more like Sarah's mom than Sarah does?

This is Belgium. It's almost Christmas, it is supposed to snow but what do our clouds do? They rain! Oh well, I guess you get used to it when you live here... Sarah has been here for over ten years and Heidi is a natural born kill... oops, belgian!
Heidi says: You get to see me in different situations this week! what a treat! ;) This is me after my morning bikeride to work. Fun fun fun!

Sarah says:
Man man man do I love having days off. Today I saw my buddy CC who is back from Russia for a bit. We did some shopping. We ate lunch. It was so very cosy! Then Heidi showed up in the evening and we went to a neighborhood play. You can read about that on Friday's entry. I have a great life! I am so very lucky. Great family. Great home. Great friends. Good job. Fabulous hobby. I really look forward to Saturday through Tuesday when I'll be on vacation and hanging out with a lot of family and friends!

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Andrew Schamess said...

my goodness, there is a bit of a resemblance.

hi, judy!