Monday, December 12, 2005

Saturday 10 December: It's almost christmas time! Which according to Sarah means buying new jeans and two shirts all for herself!!!

Hey there again--it's Sarah here , sneaking in. I just wanted to show you one new pair of jeans and a new shirt I just bought myself! Nice, eh! I want more!!! I wanna shop till I drop and have all new clothes. I can't say I am a big fan of this time of year and Christmas to be honest. All things are way too in your face begging you to buy them. I sort of long for the more simpler times. With that said, I surely can't deny that there are a million things that I want!!!

Christmas is coming! New year too! It is amazing how time flies. People say that it only gets worse when you are getting older. oh well, let it come! We have nothing to worry about. We have a great life, filled with love and friendship and nice family moments!

Heidi says: I have always loved Christmas. It's a family thing. It's cosy. There is something about Christmas that you cannot feel at any other day. It is feeling close to the people you love. (where are the mellow violins?)
I have always had too high expectations when it came to Christmas. My ideas for the ideal Christmas evening came from American movies. Maybe I should never have seen those movies. There was always 'too much' in those. Too many lights, too much food, too much cosiness, too many presents... So when I was a child, I thought that was how you had to celebrate Christmas. Although I really liked our little Christmas-party at home, I was never completely satisfied and felt like something was missing. It is only now, since I moved out and my whole live changed, that I realise how cosy these parties are every year. It's just eating together and being nice to each other (for a whole evening!) on a cold winter evening. I don't need much more than that in life...

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