Monday, October 17, 2005

16 October: Heidi gets sicker and better and sicker as sarah gets better and sicker and better...

16 October: Heidi and Sarah meet on this lovely Sunday to eventually play a game and to pass some time as they are both not up to really being part of the world today. They take lots of pillsto heal their woes. They rock back and forth. They weep. Actually, they just do nothing of importance and having nothing to really report other than that they ate too many cookies.

Heidi says: (as Sarah imagines)
Pills, pills pills... I need pills.

Sarah says:
Can I have a pill that will make my BM's back to normal please? I did eat a fig and that helped a little. Now maybe I'll do a jig. I have nothing to say. After one week home I am already brain-dead. Heidi was surprisingly quiet today, the poor kid. She'll get her old kick back soon and so will I -- but give me the pills, now, I said now. Now. Really. Now.

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